Do-It-Yourself Tea Light Holders Made With Lace Bikinis

 photo 1_zps5e228b39.jpg  photo 2_zps0c9d42cf.jpg  photo 3_zpsc3ba0574.jpg These sexy tea light holders are an easy-to-make, inexpensive DIY project to add style to your favorite living space. These candle holders are made out of lace underwear. Yes, underwear! I cut up the bikinis (generously provided by the lovely people at BEX nyc) .. wrapped and glued them to small latex balloons.. waited a couple hours for it to dry. I then took the balloons out and put LED tea light candles inside, and viola! With this simple idea, you can enjoy candle light anytime. Click here for the link.  photo 4_zps64da2c0e.jpg  photo 5_zps094b07ba.jpg

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