Penelope by Tatiana Blass

 photo f1087756649_4_zps03d663e3.jpg  photo tumblr_mnhgluB9jk1qgo2o2o5_500_zps72368245.jpg  photo f960281591_4_zps978e86b7.jpg The work consists of a 14-meter long red carpet extending from the chapel entrance to the main altar, where its end is attached to a hand loom equipped with foot pedal, thus giving the impression that the carpet weaving is under way. On the other side of the loom, tangled yarns are stretched out to pass through holes in the wattle-and-daub wall and reach the outside area. The red yarn takes over the greenery of the museum garden, covering the lawn and climbing shrubs and trees. In this process, it creates an ambiguous movement of construction and de-construction, in a reference to the Greek myth of Penelope. Link here.  photo f421787879_4_zps59feba74.jpg  photo tumblr_mnhgluB9jk1qgo2o2o1_500_zpsd12bea0a.jpg  photo f501116328_4_zps4f584957.jpg

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