Benjamin Løzninger

 photo fbc189c97fe577242e2925a572bbf80b_zpsb3f6ef03.jpg  photo 799e3f8603a4fccb21a027474e67ec59_zpsdce1463f.jpg  photo 9795a742446f15a4d8d2471b24f8befe_zpsdb269aa7.jpg French-born and now Brooklyn-based, Benjamin Løzninger is an art director, graphic designer, photographer, musician, video editor, sound engineer, illustrator, and multi-media artist. Trained at France's prestigious École des Arts Décoratifs, Løzninger made His first video, a soaring rock sci-fi fantasy, at the tender age of 10. Now, as an artist and graphic artist, he helped launch Paris's famous musical odyssey agency, Super! who produced the 2012 Pitchfork Paris festival. Also he is an active touring musician and uses his world tours to experiment with photographic diary projects - imbuing His travels with a signature paradox of melancholy and color. In 2011, he directed Elektrisk gonner's "Uknowwhatiwant" Which music video generated over 1 million views online and was featured on Syfy's Lost Girl series. In 2013 co-founded Løzninger FrenchBK, a creative collective focused on innovations in the ever-blurring lines between the cultures of digital storytelling and experimental brand experiences. He's Also an Art Director for the Los Angeles "creatively driven agency" No Subject.  photo 9cb4285ef414a6923eb0b42030813acd_zps936d1fe0.jpg  photo securedownload_zps0823ca30.jpg

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