Grzegorz Klaman

 photo tumblr_mdayuaJ0MR1qe31lco3_1280_zps46f2c0b3.jpg  photo tumblr_mdayuaJ0MR1qe31lco4_1280_zpsd6f6d64a.jpg  photo 536340_358691427549656_800432388_n_zpsee7661e6.jpg In Fear and Trembling, Grzegorz Klaman's project for FAU, several kneeling human figures, cloaked in amorphous black robes, slowly and repeatedly hit their heads against the wall. Their behavior recalls states of trance or hysteria. A black, sticky substance has spilled down the wall from the large, horizontal windows located high above the floor and the figures, imposing its blackness on the space, the figures, and the viewer. The title, Fear and Trembling, is borrowed from the Danish Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard's writing on religious devotion and the boundaries of individual sacrifice and internal conflict.  photo grzegorz_klaman_3_zps974ae40f.jpg  photo tumblr_mdayuaJ0MR1qe31lco2_500_zpse503ae58.jpg

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