Bai Yiluo

 photo tumblr_mdx8bqfjts1qe31lco1_1280_zps4e8fac99.jpg  photo 20091125010308_bai_yiluo_civilization_b_zps8a942750.jpg  photo tumblr_mdx8bqfjts1qe31lco3_r1_1280_zpsc634bfcc.jpg  photo 20091125010311_bai_yiluo_civilization_d_zps42ab05bb.jpg Bai Yiluo works often incorporate photography and traditional sculptural techniques, media disparate in their ancient and contemporary connotations. Bai draws upon these to develop installations which reflect the human condition as a cyclical struggle, torturously beautiful and poetically triumphant. Bai’s Civilization is a haunting monument enshrining imperious power as a corrupted vision built on labourers’ toil. Made from terracotta, classical busts pose as emperors and slaves, pierced through and defined by agricultural tools, a life force and bane. Set upon twelve individual plinths, Civilization bridges reference to both Eastern and Western spiritualism, while its violent form suggests revolution, conflict, and rebirth as the isochronal quality of nature.  photo 20091125010309_bai_yiluo_civilization_c_zps6016acd4.jpg  photo tumblr_mdx8bqfjts1qe31lco11_r3_1280_zps2dd9199c.jpg

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