Shark Socks by Lisa Grossman

 photo bothsocks02_zpseb5c71d2.jpg  photo upshark_zps61d322ab.jpg  photo maw03_zps52452896.jpg This knitted shark socks by Lisa Grossman appear to be devouring your legs but looks so comfy.  photo remoraon01_zps2b45b6dd.jpg  photo downshark_zps506a83d2.jpg

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  1. Mr.Lee

    I want to buy this socks.

    Where can I find it?

  2. I want to buy the pattern for the shark socks.please let me know where to buy it.

  3. haley flores

    hi i really like these socks where can i get them???

  4. JoAnn Kahn

    I would love to knit this sock for my daughter for Christmas. Where can I purchase it?
    Thank you

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