Rowena Martinich

 photo tumblr_mg0wnwJYI11rwadubo1_1280_zps0d0959bb.jpg  photo tumblr_mg0wnwJYI11rwadubo2_1280_zpse1eeb806.jpg  photo tumblr_inline_mg0wgi5nXP1rpixwl_zpse5826a7d.jpg Rowena Martinich is an abstract expressionist with a difference. While her work is sometimes displayed within the white pristine space of the art gallery, it is more likely to be found in the spaces of the everyday – the shop, the train, the school, the office, the café. These are often paradoxical spaces. Seen but never noticed. Not worth a second glance until revealed as if for the first time by an intervention of some kind. Martinich seeks to liberate the intimate process of the ‘personal gesture’ from the rarefied interior space of the art gallery while retaining the spontaneity and individuality of primal mark-making in the agora of public space.  photo tumblr_mg0wnwJYI11rwadubo4_r1_1280_zpsc1dd3fc5.jpg  photo tumblr_inline_mg0wkrGElz1rpixwl_zps932ffc62.jpg  photo tumblr_lyhj61dPrV1ror337o1_500_zps2aa6546a.jpg

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