Surfaced by Melissa Cooke

 photo SurfacedXerox6_zpsc73e2c39.jpg  photo SurfacedWashedOut_zpsfbef6aec.jpg  photo SurfacedSmeared_zpse9b9cd1f.jpg "Surfaced" acknowledges the relationship between photography, painting and drawing in portraiture. I take photographs as I paint and pour liquids onto myself, using my face as a canvas. The photo shoot references the practice of drawing and painting; then the final graphite drawing references photography. The boundaries between the mediums are broken down and the processes are interwoven. Photographs are used as inspiration for drawing and mark making. The drawings are made by dusting thin layers of graphite onto paper with a dry brush. The softness of the graphite provides a smooth surface that can be augmented by erasing in details. Gestural marks are apparent, while still creating dimension. Textures are given precedence over portraying a likeness to the figure. The act of drawing becomes the focus.' - Melissa Cooke  photo SurfacedXerox5_zps8ce97276.jpg  photo Plunge_Cream_zps11a504ac.jpg  photo IndexUndertowWeightlessDrawing_zpsbdf5ca56.jpg

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