Stephan Balkenhol

 photo StephanBalkenhol1_zps8f039c3c.jpg  photo 5988580_fullsize_zpsa876b027.jpg  photo balkenhol-tanzende_paare_01_zpsd11b0993.jpg Stephan Balkenhol has studied at the Academy in Hamburg under Ulrich Rückriem. He is influenced by a long lineage of woodcut, in particular traditional Nordic techniques as well as German Expressionist methods. While Balkenhol’s choice of wood has varied, his treatment of the surface has remained raw and spontaneous throughout his career. This has allowed his work to remain simultaneously fragile, strong and elegant. His sculptures often depict caricatures of the everyday, generic man, modest in garb but stoic in stance. His figures, carved from a single wood block and often incorporating a plinth, have a monumental quality. Balkenhol's sculptures and reliefs can be seen as commemorations of the common man and his existence.  photo Balkenhol-M-pic-3_zps74cf48bc.jpg  photo balkenhol-tanzende_paare_0_zps87a79bbe.jpg  photo 5988590_fullsize_zps607cf5f1.jpg

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