Sirous Namazi

 photo LeaningHorizontal-2012-Supermarketshelvingsystemsteel-lacquer-plastic-supermarketproducts-180x249x94cm-left_o_zpsdc0c999d.jpg  photo LeaningHorizontal-2012-Supermarketshelvingsystemsteel-lacquer-plastic-supermarketproducts-180x249x94cm-productssidedetail_o_zpsf34f8923.jpg  photo LeaningHorizontal-2012-Supermarketshelvingsystemsteel-lacquer-plastic-supermarketproducts-180x249x94cm-right-room_o_zpse7c03056.jpg 'Sirous Namazi is born in 1970 and educated at the Malmö Art Academy. He is born in the town of Kerman, Iran, but came to Sweden already as 13 years old. His dual nationality plays a certain role in his works, and is to some extent reflected in his interest in questions of identity, origins, communication, and space. His works are characterised by a multitude of expressions and he moves, seemingly without effort, between different genres. Namazi's aesthetics revolves around formal, painterly and minimalist problems-and an emphasis is equally placed upon the process behind a work, as much as the final result.' (via Galerie Nordenhake)  photo Untitled-modulesnew_o_zps890f8f0e.jpg  photo UntitledModules2007SN44detail300dpinew_o_zps7a935fe5.jpg  photo Untitled-2_o_zpsd049cf31.jpg

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