Anatomically Correct Chairs

 photo The-Anatomically-correct-chair_-Model-3-_zps05891117.jpg These pieces make reference to Memento Mori, a theme often depicted in art and Classical antiquity. They are luxuriously over stuffed offering a Bourgeois comfort, borrowing from the look of Victorian parlor furniture. They convey an air of humour and of the bizarre. The chairs are old pieces fully reconditioned and upholstered. As a process this allows Sam to embroider a new history into them and makes each one slightly different. The shape of the chair allows the print to flow into the chair structure, giving a figurative character and seeming to personify the piece. The images are sourced from old medical journals. They are adapted and then digitally printed on Velvet. Link here.  photo The-Anatomically-Correct-Chair_-Model-1_zpscbb7b5a6.jpg

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