photo f224284f633276f81517b62508fbf4da_zps2f0a9882.jpg  photo b54d64bd4aa8e8e2f7eb5222182c9363_zpsd4e2dfa8.jpg  photo d71e305d4c6d7bf61c995532ec71a477_zps35670dfa.jpg BYE BYE WIND solves one of the main problem during a dining: the action of wind. This set of table and chairs permits to use also paper or plastic plates/glasses without that they fly in presence of wind through simple grooves in the table that block paper or plastic plates/glasses when they are empty.In the centre of table there is a hidden crushing bottles. While the chairs in the back have a container that works to accommodate objects of various typology (from cellular to tools). Designers: Marco Marotto & Paola Oliva  photo 41d63bddfab6a373d423f09bcc9d0812_zps2e250fa2.jpg  photo 56143e78da696d569529da4873fbef38_zpsd681c1fe.jpg

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