Cynthia Poole

 photo Cpoole_Extra_strong_Mints_sm_1_zps3f98fc83.jpg  photo CPoole_Snackbars3_web_zps439ee3b2.jpg  photo DisplacedMintsI025810__025810_zps3fa7a851.jpg  photo CPoole_NewGoldRolos_zps2db2a167.jpg Striking and bold, many of Cynthia Poole’s paintings take as their subject food packaging, sweet wrappers and chocolate bars; often with a warm nostalgia for confectionary of the '70s and '80s . Liking their vivid colour and strident competitiveness, she explores the ways in which they complete and clash, and complement one another. Each one has been designed to draw attention to itself, but together they make a glorious, confused landscape. The mixed responses of nostalgia, hunger, and maybe guilt, that can arise from these objects, are transformed on the canvas into the carnival aspect of consumer culture.  photo wickedlysmootherchocolatelowres093953_zpsf5fff780.jpg  photo DisplacedMintsII030348__030348_zps286bde5f.jpg  photo The_Twix_Mars_Malter_Divide_zpsc3983039.jpg

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