Emily Blythe Jones

Photobucket Photobucket If there is one thing I love about blogging, it's the chance it has given me to inspire and connect with like-minded people. One in particular is 'Emily Blythe Jones, a phenomenally talented artist living and working in Los Angeles. Here's what she says about her work: " I was raised in a conservative religious household, and was indoctrinated with the belief that everyone lives by the same moral code. Upon discovering the imperfections of my own family and realizing other ideologies exist in the world, I realized that there are no absolutes. There are too many variables to conclude that there is any one truth, so I shed the skin of my former self and began redefining who I am through observation of the world and the desire for equality at the center of my propulsion. In my work, I explore this shift in my moral compass and depict images of my physical struggle to understand the vast array of human experience, and the anxiety that I feel from the many opposing viewpoints all battling to be heard. I attempt to reconcile my former beliefs through my work by examining the disillusionment my upbringing caused. By acting as a voyeur, I examine the lives of people and reveal behaviors or practices that my former self would have considered taboo. I seek to communicate empathy by revealing my physical behaviors through self portraits illustrated in conceptual representation. I tell stories of empathy and atonement within the figurative tradition and I am influenced by the artist’s ability to tell stories to communicate themes of justice and equality within the tumultuous environment that is our world today." Photobucket

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