Shanna Fliegel

Photobucket Photobucket " The permanent nature of clay motivates the manifestation of the drawn, sculpted, and painted images and forms within my work. Image, color and material coexist in order to display the recorded stories and objects for the viewer. The disposition of contemporary society’s relationship and or disconnect with both wild and domesticated animals is complex. Chronicling threatened and easily forgotten creatures that make up the natural world through drawn and figurative forms displays their fragile essence as permanent artifacts. These stories between humans and animals and written accounts of culture have informed our perspectives on the human condition. It is for these reasons I have chosen to portray the present landscape, narrate the changes in the environment, and bring attention to the loss of wild animals. With the intention that these works endure, they allow future generations see into a window of the past." - Shanna Fliegel Photobucket Photobucket

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