Susan Anderson

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Susan Anderson's documentary portrait series, High Glitz, is shot on location at several of America's child beauty pageants. Setting up her studio amidst the colorful spectacle, she captures the young girls at the height of their performance. Hours of preparation are spent on each child's appearance, and her camera records it all in graphic detail. Children's pageants are a fascinating subculture, but more than anything they represent a strange microcosm of America itself. Our own values of beauty, success and glamour reflected in the dreams of thousands of young girls... Anderson is a Los Angeles-based fine art, commercial, and editorial photographer specializing in portraiture, beauty, fashion, and conceptual work. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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  1. Snoman

    God…. this is just so terrible to subject little kids to something like this. I don’t care if she SAYS she enjoys this, all they are trying to do is make their lunatic mothers happy and be loved.

    this shit makes me sick to my stomach. now not only do those mothers need therapy, but their kids do too.

  2. snookie

    I agree with snoman. Just look at the expressions on their faces (if you can find it under all that makeup!). They don’t look like they are enjoying it at all. I played a musical instrument and my mother had me performing for all her friends and weddings etc. I didn’t enjoy it…the performing I mean. Now I don’t play at all and I am so much happier. At least if I do perform, its for me and I’m not under any pressure from trying to please my parents. These kids only know what they have been taught and that is to perform like monkeys.

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