Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Photobucket Photobucket Antonio Pedrosa from ADR studio has come up with the brilliant Instagram Socialmatic Camera based on the Instagram App icon. Unfortunately this is just a concept. Photobucket Photobucket

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  1. Don’t know the details of this device, but it would be great if it automatically uploads the pictures to instagram. So you can archive all of them. I’m sure it probably already does that though :{P



  3. let me know whenever this dream will come true !
    i love it

  4. Risandnicsmom

    I was ready to but right now…..then I read it’s only a concept…a concept I will dream of till it comes to fruition 😉

  5. Risandnicsmom

    I was ready to buy right now…..then I read it’s only a concept…a concept I will dream of till it comes to fruition 😉

  6. agirl

    how much is it?

  7. I would definitely buy it, if it is ever made!

  8. Bgirl

    I would love more details on this incredible concept, also if it was invented around how much would it cost to buy? Also, roughly what size would it be- you could hold up an item such as an apple or a coin to get an idea because holding something such as that and also if it was quite big it would be awkward to handle. I also agree with Stache Haus. I hope that my opinion has helped 😉

  9. yes please…. That looks so damn awesome.

  10. Bribri17_18

    OMG this would be amazing if it could upload the pics and print them out with the effects you choose i would buy it right on the spot!

  11. I did a short interview with Antonio De Rosa, the creator of the Socialmatic Camera, about the future plans: http://blog.getpicpack.com/post/24325606001/spotlight-antonio-de-rosa-socialmatic-camera

  12. Taylor

    OMFG YES YES YES YES. please let me know when it will come out! im dying. DYING. i want this so bad! I was about to buy it now! but then i found out u cant \: Please make it soon. I want this so badly. SO BADLY.

  13. Grace

    They should totally make this!! I would definitely buy it and bring it everywhere!!!!!

  14. Kae

    Were do u get one and how much is it

  15. Amna

    How can i buyit? And how much is it?

  16. Amna

    Can u please tell me how can i buy it and from where?

  17. pls i want buy this camera i’m in usa , where can buy this one and how much

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