Layes Hussain

Photobucket Photobucket "I’m just an average guy who happened to find a talent in the later part of life. I was born in Bangladesh and moved with my parents to the United States when I was four, and have worked in various career fields. Art has been a part of my life for the past five years; it was a hobby that was supposed to just fill my free time, and has become the most important part of who I am as a person. People often ask me: what motivates you to paint? I give a simple reply: The thought that I am creating images that might one day hang on a wall and give someone pleasure. Many people spend their free time in different ways, but one day I realized that I did not want to look back and have to wonder if I really made the most of my time. So I taught myself how to paint with a start-up kit from a local art store. I never took an art class, and I certainly never imagined that five years later, I would have over 100 paintings. In my day job as a high school literature teacher, I try to help students appreciate the beauty of art and to pursue their own passions, just as I pursue mine. My journey in the art world has just begun, and I hope you can enjoy it with me." Layes Hussain Photobucket

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