Yuki Matsueda

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 'While most designers are busying adding more and more elements into their artworks, Japan-based Yuki Matsueda has, however, managed to let some elements escape from his art pieces. The result seems quite amazing… A vivid 3D image is successfully created and all the elements are believed to be more shocking than those stay still on paper.' Photobucket Photobucket

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  1. Tom Prestigiacomo

    I wanted you to know how happy your work made me feel. It was like sun on my face in the morning, Thank you

  2. Jennifer

    Wow, very creative! I saw the first image and was intrigued. I want to see them for myself! I hope you come to NYC one day so I can make a trip to see your work in person. Really original, and I can’t figure out how you made them, what materials you used to create such a fantastic image.

  3. jeremy

    Very awesome! Would love to see the egg one in person

  4. Ryan


  5. tony


    Simply fantastic work! Are any of these pieces available for purvhase?

  6. Rae

    Oh my gosh, these are wonderful!!! The cards are amazing; please keep this up!

  7. Love the egg, very cool!

  8. Walt

    The cards are something one might see in a casino hotel room, or lobby.

  9. nick

    all he does is vaccumm seal the objects with think plastic, whatever you put under the plastic will cause it to rise and bubble. but hey man if you can trick these fools into buying it good for you

  10. Thomas

    where could we purchase some of this art?

  11. Carolina

    WOW!!! Really Yuki, you blew me out of the water. This is an amzing job and I’m so grateful that I got to see this right before bed so that I can dream about it

  12. CheezeburgersAreBadForU

    I wanted you to know how happy your work made me feel. It was like sitting on my face in the morning, Thank you

  13. Yeah, we understand how it works. An idea being simple doesn’t make it any less beautiful or clever.

  14. ashley

    nick…you’re an ass. great work yuki!

  15. Wow ! Stunning !

  16. ohood

    Great work <3

  17. mrsleep

    Art without talent.

    Sure is easy to impress stupid people though, I will say that much.

  18. Hehe

    I love trolls (mrsleep & nick)

  19. KHouliAntmusic

    AMAZING ARTWORK, YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m astonished how beautiful and creative these are. It’s one thing to perhaps know how it may be done (see ‘Nick’ comment), but it’s an entirely different story actually making it. I can’t imagine companies who see your work will NOT want to have a piece(s) done for them. This epitomizes “thinking outside the box”

  20. KHouliAntmusic

    @ashley: thank you!

  21. KHouliAntmusic

    @mrsleep: Really?! Wow. Let’s hope you don’t have kids, knucklehead….

  22. More interesting than some art seen at Frieze!

  23. Jerry Nicholas

    Yuki, These are simple and wonderful. I, too, would be interested in buying some of your work. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Ben


  25. Kimberly Temple

    WOW! These are amazing! I’m a bit partial to the exit sign, but all of them are extremely gorgeous and original!

  26. Boo Radley

    The exit sign pleases me most.
    I want one.

  27. pretty cool.. hmmmmmmmmmmm 😀

  28. Idea is good enough but in my opinion, not very creative.

  29. pat

    hey I am from Canada i would love to purchase a piece of art if you do sell them ,thank you amazing art if its not purchasable

  30. pete

    D#@m it! Why can’t I be as creative and think of stuff like this?

    Thanks for sharing….

  31. star

    what do you call this art? all of those are beautiful!

  32. Beautiful and very creative.

  33. that is the most original bit of art i have seen in a long time.

  34. This is a wonderful stretch of imagination.
    I love the effect.

  35. Mack

    Very VERY creative and AWESOME!

    But I would have liked to have seen more examples than just eggs and cards.

  36. revalca

    creativity up to the edge! fantastic.

  37. Raquel

    This is a marvelous work! You have great creativity and visual instinct. Hope that someday your pieces will be exposed in Brazil

  38. Great work. Very very creative. Thumbs up on this one!

  39. Donovan

    @mrsleep sounds like a bitter (worthless) artist who might have a god complex.

  40. Mark

    It looks pretty awesome.

    Its just to easy to make.

  41. Terry

    They’re like 3D animations, cool! But these particular examples aren’t really very engaging after the original wow !
    I suspect these were made as functional signs, maybe for a casino, or a hotel or something like that…?

    Love how they focus the eye though, great effect.

  42. RejectOnIce

    @Nick what an ass. plz vaccumm seal your mouth

  43. jordan

    fantastic work! I’m impressed! Inspirational, really.

  44. Taylor


  45. Lame Duck

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  46. Josh

    obviously some idiots/disgruntled artists in here….nick, mrsleep….this is a very creative series. You are apparently jealous that it is getting some publicity while you are NOT. I know because I’m jealous, it is ingenious & I am impressed. But I respect this artist, instead of bashing him/her. I bet you’d scoff at a realism portrait drawing because it’s “Just a copy of someone’s face”

  47. Great work “Yuki” Also, to ev1 that pays any attention to haters (nick): If we ignore them, they go away. Just let them say all the stupid shit (please excuse the language but, that is the only way to describe what they have to say) they want, and when no one responds to any of it, they come to terms with how stupid what they have to say is, and they slither away. No, wait they never come to terms with it, because, they are to stupid. They just slither away.

  48. Olá Yuki Matsueda, muito lindo seus trabalhos, criativos e muito bem elaborados, parabens! Espero um dia ver de perto aqui no Brasil… abraços! Edi

  49. Cat

    seriously Nick and mrsleep, be nice! if it was so easy to do why hasn’t someone done it before? anyway, cool artwork Yuki, i really enjoyed it!

  50. mathieu beaulieu

    Yuki great work !

  51. Ash

    This is beautiful imagery. I find this amazing, & intriguing.

  52. Totallly new look.

  53. what a gorgeous display!

  54. fer

    Thanks for this beauty!

  55. Jackie

    Awesome it’s like their floating

  56. Wow! These are stunning and brilliant! 😀

  57. Love it!!!
    Excellent idea!!

  58. T0m

    I read all the comments on here, and although the popular view is to view these works as great, there are lacking in the true artistic sense, Art is a rare gift and even though these look good, its true that this is easily accomplished and can be done without talent or effort. Nick and Mr sleep, you had valid points but went about proving them poorly, theses works of art are exceptionally ordinary,way to be the first dickhead who did something Yuki, please don’t ever come to Canada

  59. Excellent work. Creatively appealing.

    I N F A D U A T E D approved.

  60. Mahala

    These are so crisp, and energetic. I would love something like this to hang up somewhere I have to visit daily. I don’t think I would get tired of seeing any of these. (especially the exit sign)

  61. Anne

    WOW, would love to see these in person!

  62. Richard

    ‘Trolling’.. What did they do before the Internet? Interesting. Needy. Desperate people.

    Lovely work sir!

  63. SaraG

    Very creative!
    I was extremely impressed.

    As for the “critics” who have nothing better to do than bash an artisit’s work, take no heed from them… They must have very dull lives to spend them surfing the net looking for someone talented to gang up on…

    Keep up the inspiring work!!!

  64. Amol

    Outstanding !!
    epic imagination..

  65. Rose

    this is awesome, i mean sweet!!!

  66. rayna

    are these available for purchase

  67. ira


  68. drew

    great work, Yuki!! don’t pay attention to those D-bags tom, nick, and mrsleep. while they are entitled to their opinion, they are probably just Canadian emo hipsters that do not find your work to be sad enough to relate to their cold, dreary lives

  69. Danica

    Esthetically pleasing. Thanks for sharing. If an artist decides to publicly display their artwork, it is available for conceptual conversation. If a viewer doesn’t like it, oh well…but they shouldn’t bash.

  70. These really blow me out of the water! How did you ever think of it?
    If you are interested I’d love to feature you images/bio/interview on http://www.artbooklook.com
    My readers would love these.
    If you are, please contact on the email above,
    Yours Truly,
    Peter Giles

  71. Phil E. Drifter


  72. Mandilynn

    I can’t stand some of the negative responses this work is getting. It means what it means to each person, why hate on it?

    My immediate thoughts were about frozen time and space. Each piece shows a “part” is trying to escape it’s “whole” but it has been frozen in its tracks by the construct of reality.

  73. Genius work!!!
    Very impressive!

  74. lmfao i love how jealous some of these people are that they have to say bad things, seriously get a life.

  75. Molly Dolly

    TIIIIIIGHT! so tight.
    what a glassy way to make some captivating art!!
    Great for a bachelor pad

  76. Hans der Horse

    Das Vertkithnoblin? Sieg mein hakkenmeller? Das cramboschlicken!

  77. Reirei

    Personally, I don’t like them, but that’s not because there’s anything wrong with them or they aren’t good. Just not my thing 😀

    Just thought I’d add in my opinion. Not everyone who doesn’t love this is a troll!

  78. Nice to work with the four-dimensional model, the intellectual aspect of the subject individual.

  79. wadean

    Dear Yuki,

    . It so amazing art. How much each? =)

  80. Some of the best art is the simplest. A striking image is what you make it. I am a graphic artist and some of what we do is aim for the simplest boldest lines because they pop. Those that see only the HOW of the making and not the WHY it was made are blinded to art. The effect is simple to make. But the idea is stunning and executed beautifully here. Great work, Yuki. :)

  81. Joshua

    that’s so beautifully put Tom!
    awesome work!

  82. Maria

    I love your art!!!! Amazing and so creative,
    Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  83. so nice amazing and so beautiful collection you have

  84. romo

    Nice idea and very well executed !

  85. i totally agree with nick and mrsleep! all the common ppl r thinking it something out of space! mayb bcoz they don’t have much exposure,but whatevr it might b..y u ppl are shouting at nick and mrsleep..they have their opinion whats ur problem!! and y do u ppl got the impression that they HATE yuki…even if they do hate him,who are you to hate them for hating yuki!! :D..its so disgusting!

  86. Very creative. A they on display somewhere?

  87. Swetlana

    it’s really wonderfull!!!!

  88. Those are sooo incredible! I’ve never seen such a unique style of artwork! The Japanese continue to always impress! ;P

  89. P Miller

    Nice one ……

  90. It’s always cool to see what other people do as art. But as interesting as it is. What other people should never be what you do.

  91. hannah

    nick, mr sleep, and tom,
    it is also easy to make clothes, accessories, and many other things that people pay a lot of money for. That is not the point in the items tho. the point is that they are unique and creative. If you don’t like the art work move on and don’t say anything. Obviously people like it so if it is so easy maybe you should make one and make some money off of it. Yuki…….some people just have too big of heads.

  92. Great post! Amazing work….

  93. This is a very clever idea. Now go get some killer photos of these! Try doing macro shots, black & white, angles from above/below/behind — you’ve got the makings of an entirely new post and can give these already interesting works a new spin. There’s nothing quite like seeing things in a different way, and without taking anything from the original work I think some clever photos could work to enhance the vision.

  94. wow.creative work!Nice done :)

  95. These pieces are wonderful. Really eye catching and unique. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  96. hasil karya yang indah, seandainya kreatifitas ini dapat dilakukan disini betapa senangnya saya.

  97. Wonder

    Okay, I know everyone says this is done by simply vacuum sealing the objects. Now I have a vacuum sealer and maybe I don’t have the right kind. But I just don’t understand fully how this is done? Can anybody explaine step by step of what you would do? (I really like knowing the technique of art, helps me under stand and this is really boggleing my mind.) If not, then this art is very clever and unique. Just because one might know how to use a vacuum sealer doesn’t mean they can use it correctly to get this great effect.

  98. This is not done with vacuum sealing this is likely to be glass or plastic.

  99. Sel Arruda

    Wow this is fantastic. Great mind and thinking…Congrats

  100. GeorgiaHarry

    This is incredible, I love it

  101. Buky

    Great Job!

  102. This is freakin awesome. I like that.

  103. I love the simplicity of this idea – it’s minimalist genius! Great work; I’d love to see an exhibition in NYC one day.

  104. JP

    Looks innovative. I would like to see the art from a different vantage point such as right in front of it to see how some of those cards would end up looking. Like the Ace of Spades.

  105. swati

    love it..
    amazing idea!!

  106. Lynn

    Hey nick … Ever contemplated NOT talking at all ?
    Well of course not .. That would be perposturs , only simple minded people would think of that!!
    But yeah serious …
    Revert back to the old phrases momma taught us..
    Now say it with me nick.
    ” if you don’t have nothing nice to say , don’t say it at all” (:
    Thank you

  107. Tom Prestigiacomo

    I wanted you to know how happy your work made me feel. It was like cum on my face in the morning, Thank you

  108. Journi

    Whoa! That’s really cool!

  109. Super creative. Super cool.

  110. Cody

    awesome work really enjoyed it

  111. JuhaniKauranen

    NICE, very nice :=)

  112. ted

    Thats really cool! I’m going to guess that you used acrylic sheets with a vacuum mold? Really awesome!

  113. Amazing! Great work..love it!

  114. Kurt

    Love these! Thanks!

  115. Parlando Rubato

    The concept is fresh and the execution clean. I found them quite enjoyable to look at. To me, they lean towards a commercial presentation and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I do find, in the case of the playing card works, that the suits that are springing forth have far too much thickness and a sense of awkward weight, diluting the potential power of their action. In addition, if the small quail egg fragments could accumulate towards the bottom of the expanded part of the plastic, I feel that the work would be a bit more exciting.

    Overall they are quite satisfying. These are just small suggestions and in no way denegrate the integrity of the artist or his creations.

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  117. But omg… quail eggs, egg yolk floating…. 0_0 Awesome.

  118. Wow, this is just fantastic! Clean and expressive

  119. Wow. That is some really amazing stuff. Keep up the good work dude

  120. Jesus, the glass blowing on this is amazing. It’s soooo good. I’ve never seen something like this before.

  121. menyapa sahabat nun jauh disana

  122. Tommy Novo

    the egg is good but talk about milking it.

  123. Is your art for sale?

    (affordable web sites found at webpopular.net)

  124. Really innovative and interesting work and extremely well executed. I’m a poker player so i have a soft spot for playing cards:)

  125. Oh Wow!! Amazing work…looks really cool!

  126. Deborah

    For anyone who questions the difficulty of achieving flawless art and presentation, I say, where are your art pieces? It is amazing to me how critical talentless people can be and I feel sure their disparaging remarks are due to ignorance and the lack of an ounce of creative genius. However, they make for sheer amusement by their insane posts and ordinary existence. Art is a gift given only to a few…the chosen. Carry on Yuki!

  127. Beautiful… Perfect….

  128. super cool post! thanks for sharing this!

  129. So beautiful! These would make nifty wall decorations.

  130. David

    I am currently taking art as my GCSE in my college, after looking through your work i have been inspired to try something like this. If it is possible would you be able to give me some direction on how to make such a great piece of art work like yours! thank you.

  131. iza c


  132. Socks McGee

    Whoever the photographer for this set of photos is… why did you photograph every image from the same perspective? It kind of ruins the point of these being three dimensional images if you show every single one from the same vantage point. Other than that, I guess it’s kind of cool, but the same idea only goes so far, maybe add a little asymmetry to break the monotony of “object + object directly in front – pulled out to create depth.” Just my two cents.

  133. Kirkroy

    Nifty twist on understanding art, and how to produce it. Quite fascinating. Ever think about coloring the inside of the clear mold to have your work ‘pop’ a bit more? Experiment with it, I’m sure you could do something.

    To the trolls in the above (and presumably below) comments: Jealous you didn’t think of it first?

  134. Latasha

    I love the eggs ..
    where can I buy one?

  135. Thomas

    Let me clear a few things up.
    Firstly, for the love of whatever god, deity or holy essence you hold dear, stop attacking every negative opinion on here, it makes you look so pathetic. Others are entitled to their opinions, and to your surprise, may not be jealous, struggling artists, but may, like normal people, possess the power of personal judgement. While it may be polite to say only good things of someone’s work, Yuki has put his work into the public domain now. He’s bound to encounter at least one person who doesn’t like his work. Some people may not like the Creation of Adam, or The Venus de Milo. I like them, and I don’t care if you don’t, as long as you don’t attack it, physically or otherwise.
    Secondly, with regards to the talent behind this piece. Yes, it may not have taken much artistic talent, like a perfect sketch of someone, or a beautiful painting, but it took a god idea, and a nice finish. It looks interesting, I like it. If you want bullshit, go look at most modern art pieces, like the room wherein the light is set to turn off and on every five minutes. That’s not art, that’s faulty electrics. Yes, people make bullshit “art” that takes absolutely no talent, like a modern installation wherein someone had simply balanced a Coca Cola can on its side, on top of a white sheet. People buy this shit, not realising that they could do it themselves, by drinking Coke carelessly. This is not one of those, it is at least interesting to look at.

    So, to conclude, it didn’t take MASSES of talent, but it took a good idea, and came out as an interesting object d’art, and please, please, don’t attack everyone who’s opinion is different to yours.

  136. Thomas

    Whose opinion*

  137. Saveno

    Most of the people complaining about the ‘hater’ comments here, are women(the rest are men with vaginas). Too politically correct and can’t take other points of view and say what they think the other wants to hear. I find ”negative” comments as being realistic and I have received more constructive and valuable info from such people.

    I also came up with this same idea without knowing of Yuki. Ideas are ubiquitous, creative execution isn’t. I’ll be doing something better soon. And remember, sometimes being simple takes talent.

  138. Beautiful!!

  139. bob

    Most of these comments of” fantastic and great …where can i buy these!!! “are nothing more than self promoting hogwash obviously by the artist who appears to really really want to sell them in Canada ..i understand if you need to rape the comment box to get a positive review of your work but your constant name change nagging of the negative comments only makes this attempt at self promotion more obvious and exaggerated. let the world decide if your work sucks or not, instead of stacking the deck to your own best interest…the two negative ones were probably the only ones that weren’t by the artist/owner. the work is mediocre… but definitely not WOW!! and GREAT job 200 times over….perhaps you should have taken that psyche course or let some other people give you great comments( you just ask them of-course) …then they all would have different wording and grammatical difference.

  140. Jake Humphrey

    @nick your an asshole… so what if its simple to make just because it is doesn’t mean they will look the same as Yuki’s. Also since its so easy to make, why dont you make some and show us. reat job Yuki, I love them.

  141. corey

    Blow up a comic book and do a depiction of every page, and do it in a series…. would like to see that.

  142. This is cool. I am looking forward for more and too see an exhibit from this artist.

  143. Looks very funny, if there’s no glass all this could run away!!)))

  144. Cara


  145. Heather Miller

    wow! awesmeness! as i scrolled down, my smile got bigger and wider! thank you!

  146. That is beautiful and very inspirational !

  147. dante

    A little difference goes a long way… love your imagination.. keep shinning.

  148. ieb

    Different. Good.

  149. Marty Dusek

    How can I purchase some of your work?

  150. hiya

    wow, its so pretty and beautiful, specially the eggs……
    love the idea and the concept ..

  151. Nice! Loved the concept!

  152. Cara

    I have a question. how did you come up with the idea what was your inspiration and what significance has the work to you?

  153. These are really incredible. I’d love to have some of these on my wall, makes a change from the usual boring stuff you normally see.

  154. Very, very impressive, i like. :)

  155. laura

    this is amazing work!! the ace is my favorite 😀 please keep doing this sort of thing because its great!

  156. Sonal

    This is pretty awesome !
    the effect is just beautiful !

  157. How fantastic, love the playing cards!

  158. Guillaume F-G

    Really cool stuff.

  159. fantastic work. keep it up

  160. Looks very funny, if there’s no glass all this could run away!!)))

  161. Lorens95

    extraordinary :)

  162. blade badar

    this art is amazing my day has just been made thank you for the great idea.

  163. Wow! this is really amazing!

  164. Oh my gosh, these are wonderful!!! The cards are amazing; please keep this up! :)

  165. rudholf

    that’s really creative idea.. i like this.

  166. Yuki your art is out of this world!

  167. Is it true that this is not a 3D image, but rather a 2D sculpture?

  168. wow…


    amazing art…

  169. WOW, that is amazing. :)

  170. nandan purkayastha

    amazing concept yuki,,, grt to watch such work,, dats really inspiring .hope to see ur new form of collection soon.. cheers.

  171. keshore


  172. creativity in its purest!

  173. The cards are definitely my favorite of all of them.

  174. that is amazing and so Beautiful

  175. Nice job indeed!

  176. stickman

    Not really sure why people are giving such a hard time to the people who didn’t like this; surely that’s the point of having a comments box to begin with, to get a varied perspective. Any artist (of any capacity) worth their salt knows that negative comments are more useful than positive one’s. How are you ever supposed to grow as an artist if everyone is just licking your arse all the time? Honesty is beyond valuable folks, it may not always be want you want to hear, but ultimately probably what you need to hear.

  177. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on graphic
    design. Regards

  178. L’ensemble de ces post sont vraiment attractifs

  179. Looks Great… Nice Job Indeed

  180. really beautiful … amazing

  181. beautiful beautiful beautiful

  182. Thanks for sharing

  183. really nice… tnx for sharing.!

  184. Paul

    I really like your art work, I’ll go to Tokyo in early March, can you pls give me the name of gallery that i can see your art work in person? Thanks.

  185. to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the great work!

  186. Thank you ever so for you article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  187. Thank you ever so for you article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  188. This excellent website certainly has all the information and facts I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  189. Very nice post. Amazing creative work. Thanks for sharing. Wants more.

  190. Cute Designer’s job. I like modern art!

  191. Amazing art, I wonder what kind of plastic is that wrapping the canvas.

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