Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm (born 1954) is an Austrian artist born in Bruck an der Mur / Styria. He currently lives and works in Vienna and Limburg, Austria. Previously-blogged (photos via Neatnest via Designboom)

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  1. master bator

    boy would i like to rub one out in there

  2. greg glad

    builder/designers like this are making incredible work. but infiltrating the galleries and pushing aside technically proficient painters is a disgrace to tradition.

  3. Damen

    Who puts a window right infront of a toilet? Creepers….

  4. Dangerstevey

    Is this really really creepy to anyone else?

  5. JtotheF

    @Greg glad….disgrace to tradition? really? a work of art is a work of art…..what tradition are you talking about? The uptight, galleries where they look at you sideways if you can’t afford the million dollar work of art on the wall? SHARE THE SPACE.

  6. greame

    I will never understand art today. What is this? Why is this? Its a narrow house? So what? What is so fantastic about this?

  7. Bill Burjer

    one will need really good aim to hit that toilet

  8. Mark

    greg glad said:
    “…pushing aside technically proficient painters is a disgrace to tradition.”

    I don’t think that art is best served by putting tradition ahead of innovation. Otherwise we’d still be painting bisons on the walls of caves. Picasso only became a great artist when he broke with tradition.

  9. ultra-thin, super nice 🙂

  10. This is very strange, but odd. A kind of not really believing, a wormhole world, where everything is going to be smaller in mass.

  11. @greame The fact that you are questioning the piece of art is the reason you don’t understand it. It doesn’t always have a point, a reason for existence or use. It just is, it’s there for the sake of being there. Yes, many art pieces are there to invoke something within us or send out a message, but if you look at a piece and expect it to have a point or ask what’s so special about it well then obviously there’s nothing fantastic about it, in your opinion. Art is a matter of opinion, every piece of art is geared towards different people. I personally rather like this piece, I think it’s very clever but then many people, like yourself, will just look at it and shrug, and you are completely entitled to do so. This comment is far too long, should’ve just stuck with internet-speak and said “LoL you n3bw”

  12. artSFan

    This is a great, funny and clever satire on urban “crush” syndrome. “How could anyone actually live there?” is a question I’m sure many ask when seeing this installation. The answer, inasmuch as relates to the effect of increased housing density on humans is, “You can’t.” Subsist, consume – maybe. But humans need space to thrive.

  13. I agree with both T.Harlequin’s response to greame and artSFan’s analysis of the art work. I think the two comments compliment each other nicely. Good work internet!

  14. Rupert

    I like this rather a lot.
    To me it is both a really neat piece of artistic design and a way of using extremes to showcase space-saving techniques.

  15. I can’t say that this work is something I am particularly wowed by but technical skilful and a nice idea – certainly worth doing. I wouldn’t go as far as agreeing with Greg saying it was a disgrace to tradition art comes in many forms. But I think Mark got wrong as well, Picasso never really broke with tradition. He was always a figurative painter.

  16. fitoutgirl

    I think it’s a poignant way to interpret how urbanites feel an increasing need to compress living spaces, and also how humans occupy a small, compressed part in the evolution of the planet. The juixtaposition is interesting, as both are real and both are perceived. So it’s a comment on the bigger picture as well as the ‘here and now’ for civilised societies.

  17. Jens Kamstrup Larsen

    If I should say something about the picture above, it would be that I could not see the photo art in it. Just some playing with a progression program. When I succeed in logging in,I will show you how far you can go that direction. Sincere jklc13

  18. Compressed expression!

  19. Gene GreccoStoliesSimile'

    Art for Art’s sake. Was this worthwhile? To the creator it was. Did you enjoy it? If not, what did it cost you to look?
    I would there would be art than war with peace and harmony sufficient for all human measures of happiness.

  20. Anon

    The below comment is amazing

  21. Interesting piece. Generated emotions for and against. Did its job in opening and closing some minds. In the end it may fade away in modernities tradition to simply shock the publics sensibilities.

  22. MystrBaszh

    tl,dr : the whole commentaries… But isn’t that an “Apple House” ?
    You know, it does the same that other houses, but IT’S INCREDIBLY SLIM !
    Yeah the toilet’re a mess … BUT YOU NEVER SAW TOILETS THAT THIN BEFORE !

  23. zanna

    it’s art. You’re not necessarily supposed to understand it, or even like it. You’re supposed to react to it, and it looks like it has achieved that goal based on the posts! Long live the bleeding hearts and artists!

  24. Phantastic exhibition – I’ve seen it by live there. So wonderful to see such a crazy idea set to reality. Pictures of it I’ve collected here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chriswaikiki/sets/72157626122314182/

  25. Love what fitoutgirl says above. It’s art for art, but I personally believe it has a more with less statement. A statement about where we as a world are headed perhaps?. We hope to maintain our interior aesthetics while living in an overcrowded, overprocessed, overdone world. And if one doesn’t see that, then I suppose one can be happy that someone finally designed a home for Flat Stanley.

  26. @greame: it is fantastic because IT IS a narrow house.
    he also made a sad fat house – if you ever have the chance to see erwin wurm in real – go for it!!! It’s a crazy experimence and you’ll love him for ever!

  27. Hermione Granger

    At first I looked at this like I would another piece of useless modern art such as a piece of string nailed to a wall or a splatter-painted canvas that looks like a 3 year old got into the paint at home.
    Another useless item.
    This might be the lack of sleep talking, but looking deeper into the meaning behind the house, I see a symbol of what society is doing to our culture.
    Squeezing out art, beauty, and the space to create.
    Everything nowadays has to be thinner and perfect and manufactured to look the way that society deems acceptable.

    You can disagree with what I said, but don’t tell me I’m wrong.
    It’s an opinion. No one can be wrong about their opinions.

  28. At first, it’s strange and unusual. When reaching the bottom, I find it interesting and fianlly, I like tihs form of art.

  29. Ben

    I guess i dont have to understand it judging from what people have said. But that toilet, bed and bath dont work lol…. my arse would hurt on that toilet!

  30. Rita

    Made me clostrophobic!!

  31. Не ну ванна еще куда не шло.. но УНИТАЗ?? Я сутра в такой точно не попаду ))))
    А вообще круто! ))

  32. Michael


    Where would you suggest this artist present his work? I can’t think of a more appropriate place. All I know is it wouldn’t fit in my house, which is beside the point since it doesn”t match my couch.

  33. Jull

    Wow, this is so powerful and beautiful, it feels like you’ve just entered a distorted dimension and your body is being compressed between the layers of space. Art isn’t suppose to wow you and you don’t have to necessarily understand it, you just look at it and get inspired to imagine, think, feel, say something or do nothing. Nice thinreality!

  34. Mark J.

    I love his crazy cars as well or even his house in Vienna: http://muscvlvs.blogspot.com/2011/03/erwin-wurm-e-un-artista-austriaco-il.html

  35. Melissa

    I think it is beautiful and amazing.

  36. Laura

    anyone notice that the books are too wide to be in scale with the rest of the house?

  37. Some dude

    I live in Tokyo and I swear to God there are real houses like that. OK, maybe an extra foot wider.

    @master bater LOL

  38. Tinbo

    It means something different to everyone.. To me it’s representing how crowded and trapped we can feel in our own homes. I think it’s amazing.

  39. it’s art. You’re not necessarily supposed to understand it, or even like it. You’re supposed to react to it, and it looks like it has achieved that goal based on the posts! Long live the bleeding hearts and artists!

  40. Dan Harte

    The comments are mostly pretty interesting. Mostly, I agree with whomever said as a work of art it need not “mean”, but simply “be”. That once accepted in the art world as art, it has no more reason for existence and existence has for being. Art is that conundrum. Most of us never get to understand what’s “really going on in the world of art, it’s an incestuous self-referential sphere of activity from which emerges stuff which we then live with. We react to it as we will, as we do to trees, oceans, other humans, wars, products, activities. Some we label some we puzzle over. Art is life as is all we do.

  41. Dan Harte

    Please make the following corrections to my remark: “reason for existence than existence has . . .”. ‘”remarl”‘. Thanks.

  42. Dan Harte

    Um – ‘”remark”‘

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