Heaven and Earth

heaven-and-earth " Wow, what an amazing experience this was! First of all, this is a “real” baby, asleep on his actual birth Mother. The baby was exactly five weeks old and slept throughout the entire process. The mother is a great friend of mine and understood all of the unique factors involved in my process. Now... This is the first time that I had ever seen such a painting attempted and I'm so thrilled that it became a reality. The painting, studio and photography required lots of special care, attention and speed. I still feel very privileged each time I work with newborns. " (Models: Kayce and Baby Spencer; Photo: Max Trombly) - Craig Tracy p

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  1. kellogs


  2. Hi,

    WOw! this is amazing! And so very very cute!
    I’m a admirer of your work (is this correct english?)
    I realy hope i would be such as good as you one day, but it will take much practice.

    Do you use special paint for the baby? because of their sensitiveness?

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