Jimi Benedict

p p Theres plenty to see on the portfolio site of Jimi Benedict so get-a-clickin'! p

Josef Hoflehner

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Enjoy the wonderful black and white photography of Josef Hoflehner.

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Sarah Applebaum

p p p p Crazy colorful knit installations by artist Sarah Applebaum. Check it out. p p

PickUrPine Toothpick Holder

p p Don't panic! It's not a real porcupine! We definitely do not endorse plucking porcupines to pick broccoli out of your teeth, but If you've ever had that urge Suck UK have thankfully jumped in with a silicon effigy of your favourite tooth cleaning spiny mammals. Made from food grade rubber and each one holds up to 29 toothpicks, so you'll never have to wrestle a porcupine again! Foodgrade, silicon, porcupine shaped toothpick holder which can hold up to 29 toothpicks. Buy here. p

Suppose Design Office

p p p p Saijo house in Hiroshima, Japan by Suppose Design Office. Link. Lead Architect: Makoto Tanijiri (via Yatzer) p

Jette van der Lende

p p p Jette van der Lende's photorealistic stillifes are intimate compositions with amazing attention to textures, surfaces, and the materiality of the objects depicted. With pristine lines and immense detail, van der Lende paints both common objects from present and past eras, and images from nature. Beautifully lit against a dark background as in a traditional portrait studio, these objects assume the elegant dignity of a carefully posed model. van der Lende worked for many years as a draftsperson in an architecture office, her interest in architecture contributing to the graphic, precise style in which she paints. Using a reflective black glass table as a backdrop for her stillifes, van der Lende takes a highly figurative approach to exploring the cubist consept of simultaneously revealing many angels of one object. Van der Lende was born in Copenhagen , Denmark , and raised in Norway . As an artist she has participated in several exhibitions and competitions in Norway and abroad. (via Agora Gallery) p p

Aurélie Guillerey

p p p French illustrator Aurélie Guillerey has some really charming works that has an illustrated storybook style to it. Very nice. p

Torii Cooper

p p p Torii Cooper's exhibition 'Biting Animals' at Gatov Gallery in Long Beach. p p

Jerry Cai

p p Lovely work by Canadian conceptual artist Jerry Cai. Click here for the link. p

Serge Birault

sergeb1 sergeb2 Serge Birault, an amazing illustrator based in France, wows with a series of what seems to be like calendar girl-esque digital paintings. Definitely one of my top inspiring artists of recent days. Although not by the book, I'm still loving the draftmanship shown here. sergeb3 sergeb4 sergeb5